Product Description – PPFM

The principle

The precision profile milling machine moves a column in the X-direction and is equipped with a programmable, servo-motor driven C axis with a tilt range of -30º to +30º. The base machine is equipped in such a way to enable precision production with high availability. Partial enclosure, direct position measuring systems for all axes except rotary axes, and an air-conditioned control cabinet are just as necessary in our opinion and are therefore included as standard equipment, as are chip conveyors, a cooling lubricant filter system, and vibration-damping installation elements.

The basic machine: precise and robust

The machine bed of the moving-column machine is a ribbed welded design. The generously dimensioned guideways for linear axes X, Y, and Z are centrally lubricated. Solid steel covers protect the guideways of linear axes X and Y.

Control: Innovative system platform

A 840D sl Siemens control with Sinamics-drives in a Rittal conditioning cabinet is used. The user-friendly User Interface guarantees easy and comfortable machine operations.


Non-stop production

Loading during primary processing time by pendular processing, optionally with partition.

Highest dynamic

State-of-the-art linear drive technology ensures increased productivity.

Precise incremental measuring system


With the sophisticated operating concept ergonomic handling and short training units are possible.

  • Equipped for teleservice
  • Special user interface for different gearing and workpieces types

Milling tool change

Quick and simple milling tool change by a swing-back counter bearing.

Optimal cooling

The covering allows high quantity of cooling lubrication which enables a long tool service life.

Clamping device

3 different options:

// hydraulic
// magnetic
// hydraulic-magnetic


machine video

machine video

Options (excerpt)

  • 3 clamping options (hydraulic, magnetic, hydraulic-magnetic)
  • full enclosure / automatic sliding doors
  • B-Axis servomotor controlled
  • 16 kW Cooling unit for a constante cooling agent temperature /machine temperature
  • Partition (separation into two working areas/electrical)
  • Vertical spindle
  • Tool changer for 10 tools

Downloads for PPFM series

data sheet for PPFM (english)